11 Tips for Planning Your Wedding

Woohoo! You’re engaged, thats flipping exciting!! But now, all of a sudden there’s a million things to do! Of course you’ve prepped some. You have a Pinterest board, maybe you’ve flipped through some magazines. and you’ve absolutely been day dreaming with you boo. But all the nitty gritty planning, that stuff is tough. So I made this handy dandy list. So here are are some practical tips on planning your special day!

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  1. You don’t necessarily have to have a big wedding. Having an intimate wedding or elopement is a great way to be able to slow down and enjoy the day a bit more, and save some cash in the process.

  2. Don’t listen to everyone telling you what to do. What matters most is what you and your partner want. You’re the ones getting married, you should be calling the shots.

  3. Make a checklist + check it twice. Or maybe make 10 checklists. A couple suggestions for what lists you might want : A Shot List, A Day of Bag, an Overnight Bag, a Details List (like garter, rings, ribbon, perfume, cuff links etc..)

  4. Make sure proper transportation is scheduled plenty of time before hand. You don’t want to get stuck trying to get from the ceremony to reception or the getting ready area to the ceremony!

  5. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to have a wonderful day. There are so many ways to reduce the cost of your wedding, and countless resources to help.

  6. Understand what is most important to you. Is it the photos of the day? The video? The food you eat? Who stands next to you. Decide what you can’t live without, and make sure that you invest in those things first and foremost. You won’t regret spending the extra money on making these things amazing.

  7. Consult your photographer on timeline. The timeline of the day has so much to do with how your photos turn out. Also, if the photographer doens’t offer a timeline consolation, you don’t have the right photographer.

  8. Be very honest with your vendors about exactly what you want. Not being upfront only hurts both of you

  9. Just because everyone is doing it, doens’t mean you have to. Just because its popular on Pinterest or the knot, doesn’t make you not wanting it wrong. Go with your gut and your style.

  10. Make sure you have a good realtionship with your officiant! Or ask a friend to do it! They hold such a great honor, you should make sure you like the person doing it!

  11. Remember that your wedding day is just one day. Make it special, please make it special. Make it the best day of your life. Or rather, make it the best day of your life so far. Remember you have a whole lifetime of “Best day ever’s”.