here's why I'm a photographer

This morning, I woke up to a message from a client-turned-friend, thanking me for the photos a I took of her and her husband last month (you can check out those pics here, and you should cause they are so CUTE ). But this wasn’t just a quick thanks for the pics, it was a long message letting me know what these photos really meant to her.

Her and her hubby just started a new chapter in their lives, they've had some big changes, and their lives look a lot different then they did last month when we took the photos. She wanted me to know how much she cherished having that season of her life commemorated in photos. She explained how important photos are to her, and why they meant so much to her. It was touching to read her words, reading her pour her heart out to me. These photos meant something to her, they are something she can look back on. And thats exactly why I do this, thats why photography sets my heart on fire.

It’s easy to lose sight of why we do things in life, its especially easy for me right now as i’m changing seasons, and there a lot pins up in the air. Her message was such a beautiful reminder of why I want to do what I do. I want to create something that means something to my clients. Its not just for Instagram, its not for the likes or the follows. Its for the people that are in them to hang on their walls and look back and remember a time in their lives. Thats why I’m here, thats what i’m supposed to be doing. I want to make something that people look back on, and smile at. Thats why i’m so passionate about making my shoots into dates that I'm taking pictures of. Its why I try my hardest to get my clients to laugh and dance and have genuine fun. I want to fully capture the season of life you’re in, so when you look back in a month, a year, 10, you remember what it was like.

I also think it’s important to note, that all chapters of our lives deserve to be documented. Even the tough ones, the sad ones, and especially the exciting ones. Maybe its not by a full photoshoot, maybe it is. Maybe its a journal, or an iPhone photo, or a song, or whatever it is that sets your heart on fire. But I think photos are really a wonderful way to wrap a season of your life up with a bow.

Anyway, thats why I’m a photographer. I take my camera out because I really really love being the one who captures your memories.

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