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hey y’all, I’m Kyra

I was raised in the south, so I say ma’am and y’all pretty much all the time. I’m the klutziest person you’ve ever met. (seriously) i love jesus, pizza on Friday nights, brunch on saturday morning, and singing really loudly in the car. one of my biggest life goals is to visit every continent here on planet earth; i’ve hit 4 so far.

The thing you really need to know about me, is that I show up for people. I don’t judge, I don’t shy away from tough situations, and I care about the person underneath the mask. If you need to talk, about anything, I’m comin’ over with a bottle of wine and we’re going to talk, cry, laugh, and hug it out. I don’t care if we’ve been friends for 10 years or we met last Tuesday. I want to show up and be your friend. For real.

So for real, lets be friends!


more juicy deets

I am a firm believer that The Office is the greatest show of all time. I’ve seen every episode, at least three times, up to probably twenty, no lie. I’m a dog person 100%, but i’m not gonna be mad if you’re a cat person. we can still make the friendship work. Coffee is my only energy drink, and I crave good ole Coke-a-Cola 100% of the time, but i’m trying to quit that shiz. (just the coke, not the coffee. Who would give up coffee?!?)

I’m what some would call a hippie, but I think of myself more like a flower child, i’d rather be barefoot, I like to adventure to as many places as possible, and while I typically conform to the traditional fashion sense, sometimes I look straight out of the 60’s. I’m just as happy on a beach, 70 feet under the water, or on top of a mountain, pitching a tent. I love the outdoors, and the awesome views Mother Nature has in store for us.

I think polaroids are the best way to capture a moment. I think there is something so special about the intentionality of freezing one moment forever. They are my number one souvenir, and I treasure each polariod photo I have. I’ve been a photographer for 3 years, and I have never loved another job more. My friends and family are the most important people in my life, right after my dogs… kidding , sorta.

Well after all of that, you’re obviously in love with me, just like these guys!

“You really are an amazing photographer and over all an amazing person. I’m super excited to spend more time with you… We had an awesome day hanging out with you!” - David and Rebecca

“Kyra is so easy to get along with! Our expectations were blown out of the water! … She didn’t just capture memories for us, she became part of our memory.” -Jacinda and McKay

Oahu wedding photographer

My approach

getting pictures taken shouldn’t suck

no seriously, it should and can be a really awesome time. I remember one Christmas, my grandmother dragged our whole family to sears for family photos. it. was. awful. people were fighting, my dad was making jokes that got everyone riled up, my grandfather just wanted everyone to sit still, and all the cousins refused. the poor photographer didn’t know what to do, so she just clicked that shutter button. those photos, they’re terrible. there isn’t one where we all look happy, in fact there isn’t one that my grandfather isn’t frowning. but to this day, they are still hung in my grandparents dining room. every time we visit, we’re reminded of that terrible sears experience.

my goal, my dream, my job, is to make sure nobody has to go though that. getting your pictures taken should be a fun, joyous experience. you should be genuinely laughing and making actual memories. why would you want to remember being stuffed into a hot studio and being forced to smile for an hour?! but you will want to remember that time you basically went on a date with your favorite person, grabbed a beer, frolicked around some beautiful mountain or waterfall, or city, and laughed and danced for a few hours in your favorite outfit.

I don’t just want to give you photos to hang in your dining room, I want to give you an experience. I don’t believe in sitting still for the camera. I believe in being one hundred percent, unapologetically you. I base my sessions around who you and your boo are. I want to get to know you; your pet peeves, the best movie you ever saw, you’re favorite way to be held by your partner. when you are showing your kids and grandkids photos in 20 or 50 years, I want you to be able to rememeber what that season of life was like. how you laughed, what you wore, the song that was playing in the background. I want you to be able to acureltly show them who you were, who you are. photographs are stories you look at, and I want to tell yours well.

If you beleive in fun, in adventure, in laughing, and in creating memories, I think we’d vibe pretty well. lets chat! I really wanna get to know you!


in my friend group, i’m known as “the adventurous one”. It was even my Instagram Handle for a while. if there is an opportunity for me to escape somewhere for 2 hours or 2 weeks, i’m down to clown. my passport is always on hand, and i’m always up for an adventure. my current travel schedule is listed below, but if you don’t see your city, lets add it to the list!

2019/2020 travel schedule

kauai, hawaii ~ Novemeber 31- Oct 3

Atlanta, georgia ~ December 14th- jan 6th

Bangkok, Thailand ~ February 25th - March 1st

maui, hawaii ~ march 13-16th

here are some low quality selfies from a few of my favorite trips around the world. You’ll see the Vatican, the louvre, Buckingham palace + Big Ben, Stonehenge, streets of Puerto rico, Joshua tree np, the Italian coast, a mountain top in Spain, key largo, above and below the surface, and my all time favorite, India!!