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“Kyra did an amazing job with our wedding pictures, I love every single one of them! But it was obvious she wasn’t just there to take pictures, she helped with everything along the way. She did a great job connecting with the bridal party, she got to know us all on a personal level, and I really liked that. She makes you feel comfortable! I absolutely recommend that you use Kyra for your wedding or couples photos!”


Hey there friend! Let me introduce myself. I’m Kyra Lauren. i’m a jesus loving, pizza eating, North Georgia photographer, obsessed with capturing those raw, authentic moments between you an your hunny. Whether its your wedding day, an engagement shoot, or you just need some new photos to hang on the wall, i’m your gal. I love getting to be a professional third wheel. no seriously, when we take photos together, you just go on a date I happen to crash with my camera. but, before I go crashing any dates, we gotta get to know each other! Find out all about me, and all about what being on the other side of my camera is about.


I doN’T REMEMBER THE exact MOMENT I DECIDED I wanted TO BE A photographer, BUT I THINK IT HAD BEEN instilled IN ME SINCE I WAS LITTLE. ever since I was old enough to understand the concept, I’ve loved photograpHS. I WOULD SIT IN MY ROOM AND SIFT THROUGH HUNDREDS OF PHOTOS AND ALBUMS. I WOULD SPEND HOURS GOING THOUGH AS MANY PHOTOS AS I could GET MY HANDS ON. I ESPECIALLY LOVED ANY PHOTOS THAT lookED OLD. black AND WHITE, BENT, tattered PHOTOS WERE MY favorite. seeing my great great grandparents and all my aunts and uncles, it brought me joy like nothing else did.

I WANT TO GIVE A giFT TO YOUR KIDS, or maybe your great niece. I want her to look back at these photos, actual photos printed on paper, and know what their parents, or great aunt and uncle looked like 50 years ago. I want them to see what they wore everyday, and how big their smile was on their wedding day. my biggest goal through all of this is to tell the story of this season of your life, no matter what it may be.


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